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MM-W1A Vertical Universal Friction & Wear Testing Machine


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MM-W1A is a Multi-Specimen Friction and Wear Testing Machine. It is designed for simulating, evaluating and testing almost all kinds of oil (high-class serial hydraulic oil, lubricant, combustion oil and gear oil) and materials (metal, plastic, coating, rubber, ceramic etc.). It is widely used in tribology field, petrol chemical industry, mechanical, energy resource, metallurgy, space flight, engineering areas, college and institute etc..
Standards: This machine meets SH/T 0189-1992 Lubricant Anti-wear Performance Evaluation Method (Four-ball Tester Method)
and conforms to ASTM D4172 - 94 and ASTM D 5183 - 95.



  • Axial test force working range: 0~1000N
  •  Relative error of long time auto hold indicating Value: not bigger than±1% FS 1.5
  • Return zero error of digital display device of test force indicating value: not bigger than±0.2%FS
  • Measuring maximum friction moment: 2.5N.m
  • Friction force weighing transducer: 50N
  • Friction force arm distance: 50mm
  • Stepless speed variation: 1~2000r/min
  • Special deceleration system: 0.05~20r/min
  • Overall dimension (L×W×H): 600×682×1560mm