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MR-S10G Friction & Wear Testing Machine


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The machine is used to evaluate the loading capacity of lubricants in the process of sliding friction on a contact
point under very high pressure. The above mentioned capacity including 3 datas to be tested: The maximum load Pb under the unstuck condition, sintered load Pd and comprehensive value of wearing during friction ZMZ. The machine can carry on abrasive wearing test for a long period in order to appraise friction and obtain the coefficient of friction of the material.

This machine conforms to ASTM D2783 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties
of Lubricating Fluids (Four-Ball Method).



  • Max. test load : 10kn
  • The control mode of loading : Lever loading
  • Relative error of the load capacity: ±1%
  • The rotating speed of the main spindle: 200-2000r/min Stepless
  • Relative error of the rotation rate: ≤±10r/min
  • The range of heating temperature of the sample being tested: Ambient temperature~250oC
  • Friction measuring range: 1~200N
  • Dimension(L×W×H): 1300×490×1220mm
  • The steel ball to be tested : The steel ball to be tested four- ball friction testing machine. Nominal diameter 12.7mm