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MR-H3A Block Wear Testing Machine


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MR-H3A High Speed Ring-Block Wear Testing Machine is mainly  used to evaluate the lubricating capability of kinds of lubricating oil and grease, and is especially suitable for the evaluation of scraping ability of medium and top grade automobile bearing oil. And it can be also used to evaluate the lubricating capability of solid lubricant materials and wearing ability of metal and nonmetal materials. This machine is used widely in the evaluation of medium and top grade automobile bearing oils, tribology field, petrol chemical industry, mechanical, energy resource, metallurgy, space flight, engineering areas, and also be widely used in college and institute etc. for friction and wear studying.

This machine conforms to ASTM G77 Standard T e s t M e t h o d f o r R a n k i n g Re s i s t a n c e o f Materials to Sliding Wear Using Blockon-Ring Wear Test.



  • - Max. test load : 3000N
  • - Max. tolerance of test load holding :±1% of max. test load
  • - Max. Friction :300N
  • - Rotating speed of the main spindle :5~4000 r/min
  • - The range of heating temperature:room temperature ~100℃
  • - Temperature controlling range : ±2
  • - Time setting range:1s~9999min
  • - Rotation setting range :1~9999999
  • - Dimension (L x W x H): 710×840×1690mm