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Digital Display Torsion Testing Machine TNS-J02


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Product Description

TNS-J02 Digital display torsion Testing machine
This kind of testing machine is used for the torsion test for all kinds of materials, by imposing a torque. It's mainly suitable for material labs of scientific research deptartment, colleges or universities and industrial enterprises to test the mechanical properties of materials under torsion condition. There are two testing methods: Automatic testing: Turn the hand wheel until the test rod breaks. The testing machine will automatically test the yield torque M1 and the maximum torque M2. Manual testing: Choose the test angles and torques of any 9 points during the testing period and record them.



Max. test torque(N.m) 200
Min.reading of torque(N.m)   0.06
Torque measurment range(N.m) 20-200
Max. reading of torsion angle( ° ) 9999.95
Min. reading of torsion angle(°) 0.05
Relative error of torque indications ≤± 1.0%
Relative repeatability error of torque indications ≤ 1.0%
Diameter of specimen(mm) φ 5~ φ 20
Max.testing space(mm) 255
Working voltage(V) AC,220V ±10%, 50 Hz, Single phase
Dimension of package (mm) 960×440×420
Gross Weight(kgs) 145