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Hydrostatics Bench & Fluid Properties


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This unit enables the study of the main properties and the behaviour of liquids under hydrostatic conditions, with the aid of some accessories to make the different experiments. This equipment is supplied as a compact unit, movable and independent. It consist of a metallic structure assembled on wheels with a panel at the top. In the lower part of the bench there is a tank where water is stored. Water is then sent to a methacrylate tank placed at the upper part of the bench and to other plastic deposit, two hand-operated pumps are used for such distribution. The methacrylate tank is connected to two communicating tubes on the front panel, enabling to perform some practices; the other deposit placed on the horizontal surface of the bench is necessary for performing the rest of the practices. All water in excess is sent back to the storage tank by the drain. The rest of the equipment consists of different elements and independent accessories (see specifications section).




  • Self-contained and mobile unit for demonstration of the properties of fluids and hydrostatics.
  • Structure in anodized aluminium, assembled on wheels with a panel (painted steel) at the top (front panel).
  • Process diagram in the front panel.
  • Tank where water is stored, in the lower part of the bench.
  • Methacrylate tank at the upper part of the bench.
  • Plastic deposit.
  • Thermometer.
  • Ubbelhode capillary viscosimeter, 0.6-3 cp.
  • Ubbelhode capillary viscosimeter, 2-10 cp.
  • Ubbelhode capillary viscosimeter, 10-50 cp.
  • Ubbelhode capillary viscosimeter, 60-300 cp.
  • 3 graduated cylinders.
  • Set of glass elements. Elements set for demonstration of free surface in static conditions (3 elements).
  • Bourdon manometers calibration Manometer range: 0-2.5 bar.
  • Manometers (range: 0-500mm).