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APPT961104 Basic Electricity Trainer


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The Basic Electricity Trainers designed for covering fundamental concept, theory and applications of electricity with descriptive, easy to understand and extensive at the same time. The trainer shows the standard symbol of the control function on the front panel of the modules. It contains a student job sheet, experiment and operation manual in English or Bahasa Indonesia for varying, quick and easy assembled components of all types of circuits.

Experiment Topics

  1. DC Technology
    • Ohmic resistance in DC circuit
    • Non-linear resistances
    • DC measuring techniques
    • DC voltage sources
    • Capacitor in DC circuits
    • Coil in DC Circuits
  2. AC Technology
    • Ohmic resistance in AC circuit
    • Capacitance in AC circuit
    • Coil in AC circuit
    • Three phase circuit and rectifier


  • Power supply unit
  • Raster board
  • Resistors
  • Potentiometers
  • Capacitors
  • Transformer
  • Standard accessories