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Luminosity Control Station


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Application for the luminosity control. It is composed by several modules in order to carry out practices with the aim of learning the use of a luminosity control station. It requires alternating single-phase supply and it brings a fuse of 3 A on the back side of the equipment for the security of the components. It also has an automatic magneto-thermal and differential switch on the back side .

Application, in metallic box, including:

  • ALI02. Domestic Main Power Supply module:
  • This module let us supply the rest of modules.
  • Magneto-thermal protection.
  • Differential protection.
  • Single-phase plug and terminals.
  • 2 lamps.
  • One voltage output in plug format and two voltage outputs from terminals L (line), N (neutral) and GND (ground).
  • Mushroom security button.
  • Removable key with two positions (ON and OFF) that works as the main switch.
  • COM14. 2 Commutators module:


  • 2 commutators for domestic use.
  • Each commutator has 2 output terminals and 1 input terminal.
  • 10 A.
  • 250 Vac.


  • LAM08. 2 Lamp-holders + Incandescent Lamps (40W) module:
  • 2 lampholders for incandescent bulbs.
  • Two 40W incandescent bulbs.
  • Input and output terminals.
  • REG06. Voltage Electronic Regulator (Switch) 40 to 300W/230 Vac module:


  • Domestic variator of luminous intensity.
  • It works with incandescent lamps and with halogen lamps.
  • With the use of a dimmer we can regulate the current level that we let pass in.
  • Protection fuse 4 A.
  • 230 Vac.
  • 40 to 300W.
  • INT18. 1-pole Switch + 1-pole Switch with Light module:
  • 1 One pole switch, with 1 input terminal and 1 output terminal.
  • 1 One pole switch with light, with 1 input terminal and 1 output terminal.
  • 10 A.
  • 250 Vac.
  • Domestic use.
  • LAM10. 2 Halogen Lamps module:
  • 2 Halogen lamps of 12 V. and 20 W.
  • Input and output terminals.
  • High quality light bulbs.
  • To supply the two halogen lamps which require 12 V., this module has two transformers inside (220V/12V).
  • LAM09. Fluorescent Lamp module:
  • Fluorescent lamp circuit of 8 W.
  • The circuit consists of a reactance, a starter and a fluorescent tube between the two electrodes.
  • 230 Vac.
  • The fluorescent support has a switch on the upper side, to be switched ON/OFF.


  • SEN26. Presence and Movement Sensor (Wall) module:


  • Presence and movement detector for the lamps control.
  • It can work with loads, either incandescent lamps or halogen lamps.
  • 0 to 180º detection.
  • 12 m.
  • Timing 10 sec.-15 min.
  • Luminosity regulation 2-120 lux.
  • Input and output terminals.
  • Cover for dark room simulation.

Two-pole automatic differential switch and two-pole automatic magneto-thermal switch for the equipment security.
Fuse (3 A).
Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.
Manuals: This application is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety,
Maintenance & Practices Manuals.