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Modular Trainer for Electrotecnics (RLC Circuits)


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ALI01. Industrial Main Power Supply

  • Magneto-thermal protection.
  • Differential protection.
  • Double plug and terminals (three phase+single-phase).
  • 2 lamps.
  • 8 terminals.
  • Mushroom security button.
  • Removable key.

ALI10. Power Pupply Module

  • - AC and DC power supply module that allows the following output voltages:
  • Alternating:
  • 15 + 15 Vac, 0.5 A.
  • 24 Vac, 2 A.
  • Direct:
  • 24 Vdc, 2 A.
  • 0-20 Vdc, 2 A.

CAR30. Inductances Module

  • 9 inductances from 1 mH to 45 mH for assemblies in alternating of R, L, C components, together with the CAR33 module.
  • Power supply can be taken from ALI10 (24 Vac).
  • Assemblies that can be made: Filters and RL, RC, RLC circuits in series and in parallel.

CAR31. Capacitors Module

  • With this module we can study, among others:
  • Electric capacity.
  • Type of capacitors.
  • Capacitors in series and in parallel.
  • Etc.
  • RLC circuits.
  • Charge and discharge of a capacitor.
  • 7 independent not polarised ones, from 47 nF to 470 nF.
  • 2 polarised of 220 F and 470 F.

CAR32. Rectifier Diodes Module

  • Rectifier diodes of 40 A. (6 units).
  • Some assemblies: Positive/negative simple rectification. Single-phase and three-phase bridge rectification. Double rectification.
  • Together with CAR30 module, filtrate of voltage of the assemblies can be made.

CAR33 . Resistive Components Module

  • Fixed resistances, with values from 47 to 150 K ohms. (14 units).
  • Linear potentiometers , one of them coiled of 5 W.
  • Logarithmic potentiometers. (2 units). (2 units)
  • It can study RLC circuits.
  • Series and parallel resistences association.
  • Different connection circuits.

MED65. Digital Multimeter

  • Digital multimeter for measurement of:
  • Voltage.
  • Current
  • Resistance.
  • Capacitance.etc.



Direct current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC):

1.- Ohm´s law verification.
2.- Resistance measurement.
3.- Resistors in series association.
4.- Resistors in parallel association.
5.- Power measurement of a resistive circuit.
7.- Voltage divider analysis.
8.- Application of Kirchhoff´s second law.
9.- Application of the superposition theorem.
10.-Coils in series association.

11.-Coils in parallel association.
12.-Measurement and visualization of the alternating current.
13.-Measurement of the phase angle among voltages (AC).
14.-Resistive circuits in delta.
15.-Resistive circuits in star.
16.-Star/delta transformation.
17.-Delta/star transformation.

Electric capacity:

18.-Capacity measurement of a capacitor.

19.-Capacitors series association.
20.-Capacitors parallel association.
21.-Charge analysis of a capacitor.
22.-Discharge analysis of a capacitor.

RL, RC and RCL Circuits:

23.-Time constant.
24.-Analysis of a RL circuit in series.
25.-Analysis of a RL circuit in parallel.

26.-Analysis of a RC circuit in series.

27.-Analysis of a RC circuit in parallel.
28.-Analysis of a RLC circuit in series.
29.-Analysis of a RLC circuit in parallel.

Rectification and filtrate:

30.-Low-pass filter.
31.-High-pass filter.
32.-Analysis of the rectifier diode response curve.
33.-Half wave rectification.
34.-Full wave rectification.
35.-Rectification to feed the universal motor.
36.-Double wave rectification with two windings.
37.-Double wave rectification with a Graezt's bridge.
38.-Half wave three-phase rectification.
39.-Three-phase rectification in bridge.