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Modular Trainer for Electrotecnics (Transformers)


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EME/B. Electrical Machines Unit

  • Diagram in the front panel.
  • Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker.
  • DC supply 200 V dc with fuses.
  • Connection Key.
  • Emergency stop push button.
  • Two push buttons (1NO + 1NC).
  • Electrical supply: Three-phase with neutral
  • and ground, 380V.

VAR17. Dismantled Transformer Kit

  • 1000-loop coil.
  • 2000-loop coil.
  • A four-elements dissambled core.

TRA28. Three-phase Transformer

  • Transformer of three branches: Primary ones: 220 and 380 V. Secondary ones: 3x73 V by branch.
  • Possible practices: The transformer as a booster (singlephase). The transformer as a reducer Auto-transformer Star connection (three-phase).
  • Delta connection
  • Power: 500 W.
  • Transformers in series and in parallel
  • (single-phase).
  • (singlephase).
  • (single-phase).
  • (three-phase).
  • Parameters determination (short-circuit and open-circuit test).

MED65. Digital Multimeter

  • Digital multimeter for measurement of:Voltage.Current.Resistance.Capacitance.etc.