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Reactive Energy Control and Compensation


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ALI01. Industrial Main Power Supply

  • Magneto-thermal protection.
  • Differential protection.
  • Double plug and terminals (three phase+singlephase).
  • 2 lamps.
  • 8 terminals.
  • Mushroom security button.
  • Removable key.

CAR08.3-phase Variable Resistive Load (custom made)

  • Value (ohms and W) to be chosen by the customer.

CAR11. 3-phase Capacitive Load

  • 3 x 4.7microF.

CAR14. 3-phase Inductive Load

  • Coil with several outlets.
  • Value (H) to be chosen by the customer.


1.-Assembly of the set with inductive load.
2.-Power Factor (cos j) measurement.
3.-To calculate the necessary capacitors to get cos j= 1.
4.-Capacitors connection and power factor measurement.