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Relay Control Station


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ALI01. Industrial Main Power Supply

  • Magneto-thermal protection.
  • Differential protection.
  • Double plug and terminals (threephase+ single- phase).
  • 2 lamps.
  • 8 terminals.
  • Mushroom security button.
  • Removable key.

REL23/A. Earth Leakage Relay

  • Earth leakage relay (adjustable).
  • A delay can be introduced to the working of the relay.
  • Test button.
  • Reset button.
  • Two contactors that commute when the relay is activated and a light.
  • 10 terminals.

REL23/B. Over Current Relay

  • Over current relay with adjustable hystererisselectable latching facility delay from fault adjustable and start up delay adjustable.
  • The switch with the word LATCH is used to commute between the two working modes of the relay: NON-LATCHING MODE and LATCHING MODE.
  • It also has a contactor that commutes when the relay is activated.
  • 9 terminals

CON01. 3-pole Contactor (24 Vac)

  • 3-pole contactor, 9 A.
  • Control coil 24 Vac.
  • Auxiliary contacts 3NO + 2NC.
  • 18 terminals.

TRA03. Single-phase Voltage Transformer 220 Vac / 24 Vac

  • Single-phase transformer.
  • It has two input terminals in the primary (220V) and two output terminals in the secondary (24V).
  • 4 terminals.

TRA10. Current Transformer 25/5A

  • Single-phase current transformer based on a toroid.
  • Transformation ratio: 25/5 A.
  • 2 terminal

CAR18/A. Rheostat for Equivalent Circuit of an Electric Line

  • Rheostat of 500W that can vary up to 150 .
  • 3 terminals.

CAR18/B. Inductance for Equivalent Circuit of an Electric Line

  • Coil with several takes that provides inductance of 33, 78, 140, 193 y 236 mH.
  • 6 terminals.

CAR18/C. Capacitor for Equivalent Circuit of an Electric Line

  • 14 capacitors laid out in two groups of 7 and ready to be connected in parallel.
  • Each group can provide from 0,1 F up to0,7 F.
  • 16 terminals.



1.- To connect the transformers to a line.

2.- To connect the protection relay.

3.- To simulate a line fault and the relay will trip the circuit breaker.

4.- Start up of a three-phase contactor.

5.- Calculation of the transformation ratio of a toroid.
6.- Calculation of the parameters of a line.
7.- Start up of an over current relay.
8.- Start up of an earth leakage relay.