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Modular Power System Simulator


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The “MPSS” is a modular Power System Simulator specially designed for Technicians at Technical and Vocational level.
Manual operation or in combination with SCADA system.
The simulator will include the main parts of a Power System as:

  • Generation.
  • Transformation.
  • Transport.
  • Distribution.
  • Consumption.

It will include important and key elements that play a very important roll in a Power System control and protection, as:

  • Automatic voltage regulator.
  • Automatic frequency control.
  • All the main protection relays involved.
  • Automatic and Manual synchronization.

The simulator includes the following modules:

  • EGMG/P. Generation Group.
  • BUS03. Busbar model 3 (Coupling).
  • AVR/P. Automatic Voltage Regulator.
  • BUS04. Busbar model 4 (Consumption).
  • VVCA/MP. AC Motors Speed Controller.
  • ALI01. Power Supply.
  • TRANS/3A. Step-up Transformer.
  • IND05. Synchronims Module.
  • TRANS/3B. Step-down Transformer.
  • INX20/P. Generator Protection Module.
  • AE1. Transmission Lines Simulation Unit.
  • ERP-PGC. Generators Protection and Control Device Unit.
  • AE11. Energy Consumption Module.
  • ERP-PD. Distance Protection Relay Unit.
  • BUS01. Busbar model 1 (Generation).
  • ERP-PDF. Differential Protection Relay Unit.
  • BUS02. Busbar model 2 (Transport).
  • ERP-MF. Fault Injection Module.
  • BUS05. Busbar model 5 (Transport).



This module has the followings elements:

  • One three-phase power supply output connector.
  • One three-phase power supply output with red, yellow and green connectors.
  • Two single-phase power supply output.
  • One single-phase standard type power supply output.
  • Ground terminal.
  • One security key.
  • One emergency stop switch.
  • Module state indicators.
  • A removable key 6 with two positions (ON and OFF) acts as main switch.

This group has the followings elements:
1.One three-phase AC squirrel cage induction motor acting as generation prime mover.
2.One three-phase Synchronous generator with DC field excitation.
The induction motor is controlled from the VVCA/MP. AC Motors Speed Controller.