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Soil/Water Model Tank


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The Soil/Water Model Tank (PTSA) is a laboratory scale unit designed to study the most common irrigation systems, as well as to investigate the effects of applying water on the surface and the sub-surface. The PTSA unit is mounted on a movable bench consisting of a metallic frame and panels made of painted steel. It has a narrow rectangular tank, whose rear wall is made of aluminum and the front part is made of PMMA to visualize water movement, which can be partially filled with all kinds of soils. It includes a tank from which a pump impels water and it passes through a flow meter to measure the flow. Water may be impelled, through manifolds, towards the soil surface or towards a flood and drip system to demonstrate drip irrigation. The front part of the tank includes a grid to facilitate the measurement of water penetration rate in the soil. The unit allows to change and to remove easily and quickly the soil samples using the rear lateral plate made of aluminum. There is an overflow system to remove surface water.