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Permeability/Fluidisation Studies Unit


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The Permeability/ Fluidisation Studies Unit “PEFP” is designed for student to measure and understand the characteristics of flo
w through a
bed of particles. Such flows occur both naturally and in process plant designs.
This unit verifies Darcy’s Law, examines Kozeny’s equation and observes liquid fluidisation behaviour of a granular bed.
This unit is formed by
Permeameter: This device is basically a transparent acrylic cylinder that encases the soil sample to be tested. There are pi
ezometer taps
located along the vertical axis of the cylinder, these will measure the total head at specific point in the sample. The permeam
eter cell also
has pots in the top and the bottom and one purge valve placed in the top.
2 Filter Metallic disks: These will be placed between the soil and porous element, and will act as filters. They are placed
in top and
bottom of the cylinder. These filters also act primarily to distribute flow over entire cross-section area of the sample.
Piezometer or Manometer: Transparent tubes and will allow the observation of total head.
Two Bourdon type manometers.
Constant-Head supply device: This is a tank, with an overflow, fastened to a stand above the permeameter. A flexible tube co
nnects the
bottom outlet of the tank to the bottom inlet of the flowmeter.
Flowmeter: To measure the water flow. The outlet is connected to the collector.
Distribution collector: The distribution allows to determine the direction of the liquid, upper to bottom or vice versa.
Piezometer taking collector: It allows selecting the piezometer reading in the cylinder between four allowed configurations.