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Sedimentation Study Unit


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The sedimentation is a process widely used in the classification, water clarification and wastewater treatment.
“ESED” unit provides a facility for studying the basic physical procesess involved in sedimentation, which the applications cov
er fields like
chemical engineering, water treatment and other industrial processes.
This unit enables the practical demonstration of the particular features of the different systems selected for sedimentation.
It is formed by five sedimentation methacrylate cylinders mounted vertically on a panel, incorporating measuring scales appropr
iate lighted for
easing observation.
All that, enables the simultaneous study of the behaviour of five different suspensions.
Each cylinder may be removed from the panel for the appropriate washing and conditioning.
The unit is supplied with: stopwatch, light diffuser screen, fluorescent tubes, cylinders and specific gravity bottle.
It enables to have available several amounts in suspension, in order to study the differences in the sedimentation regimens, me
asuring the
changes in heights of the solid-liquid interfaces respect to time.