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Sedimentation Tank


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The Sedimentation Tank “PDS” is a teaching unit, designed by EDIBON, to demonstrate the sedimentation process and to familiariz
e with
the settling principle of discrete particles settling into a tank. It will also allow to study the hydraulic characteristics of
a rectangular
sedimentation tank which works in continuous.
As it is a laboratory unit, it allows to obtain valid conclusions about its operation and to apply them to the operation of a r
eal scale unit.
The great advantage of the PDS unit is that its sedimentation tank is made of transparent material. So, this allows the student
to understand
the sedimentation principles. This fact allows to carry out several practices, as well as to make easier the comprehension of t
he different
variables influence on the process.
The practices start preparing a suspension in the suspension tank, placed at the unit lower part. A pump drives the suspension
from the
suspension tank to the sedimentation tank with a flow selected by using a regulation valve. This suspension is mixed with clean
water at the
sedimentation tank inlet. The clean water flow is controlled by a flowmeter by using its regulation valve.
Once the fluids are mixed, the current is passed into the sedimentation tank through the inlet weir. Here, the solids in suspen
sion settle at the
The clarified water outlet is produced through the outlet weir at the tank outlet section. In this tank outlet section there is
a flexible pipe on
which the outlet clarified water quality can be analyzed.
The unit has a dye injection and tracer system, which allows to study the fluid current lines into the sedimentation tank.
It also has two adjustable in height baffle plates, which can be placed at any point of the tank length, what makes easier for
the student the
possibility of changing the flow lines direction and its study.
As support to carry out the practices, the following accessories are supplied: two Imhoff cones and a graduated test tube of 1