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Deep Bed Filter Unit.


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The Deep Bed Filter Unit (EFLP) allows us to filter a fluid in order to eliminate particles in suspension, to have it in more a
dequate conditions
for its subsequent use or consumption.
The pump takes raw water from one of the reservoirs of the unit and propels it towards the upper part of the column. That raw water passes
through a diaphragm valve that controls the inlet flow rate of the column and a flowmeter that measures such flow rate.
The liquid to be filtered goes down the column, crossing the filtering media settled as a bed and the pressure along the entire
bed is
measured at 30 points. It enables the measurement of the pressure drop that is visualized by the increase of the resistance tha
t the filter
opposes to the fluid.
The filtration process can be performed in closed or open circuit.
The solids settled in the filter can be removed by countercurrent washing.