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Aerobic Digester.


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The first step to which residual water is subjected when entering a Sewage Farm is a pretreatment. Big solids, sand and grease are removed. Next, water undergoes the so-called primary treatment. Easily settled suspended solids and part of the organic matter are removed. The rest of organic matter, dissolved and suspended, and the rest of solid particles that have not been removed in previous treatments are removed by the so-called “Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes”, which is the secondary treatment of the water line.

The “Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes” can be defined as those processes carried out by a specific group of microorganisms that in presence of oxygen act on the dissolved, suspended and colloid organic and inorganic matter existing in wastewater. They transform that matter into gases and cells that can be easily separated by settling.

The objective of this unit is to study and understand aerobic digestion processes and to analyze their main parameters.