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Unit Komputer Kontrol Sistem Hidrologi, Simulasi Hujan dan Sistem Irigasi (4x2m)


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The Computer Controlled Hydrologic Systems, Rain Simulator and Irrigation Systems Unit (4x2m) “ESHC(4x2m)” is a self-contained unit designed to demonstrate some of the physical processes found in hydrology and fluvial geomorphology, including: rainfall hydrographs for catchment areas of varying permeability, the formation of rivers and their features and effects of sediment transport, the abstraction of ground water by drains, both with and without surface recharge from rainfall, etc. This unit allows to demonstrate, on a small scale, the hydrological principles of ground water flow and the applications of these principles to some engineering constructions. Moreover, it allows to study the use of drains for water abstraction, de-watering and drainage of lakes, and demonstration of flood risks linked to land drainage works.