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Cnc milling - COMPAC-AP300M


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COMPAC-AP300M was designed to:

  • Meet the actual demands of qualified industrial Education for CNC-Standard with Automatic Tool Change Technology
  • Utilized based on a sophisticated machine tool concept at high Industrial Standard with most modern control system Siemens 802C for training in Din-Code and Conversational Programming
  • Offer optional specialized PC-Based software applications for basic training and programming to be used for qualified education of students.
COMPAC-AP300M Mechanical Specifications
Basic functions
Stroke X : 300mm
Stroke Y : 200mm
Stroke Z : 300mm
Resolution : 0.005mm
Rapid Feed : 3m / min
Power : 2.2 kw
Speed range : 100 - 3000rpm
Automatic Tool changer
Tool holder system : BT30
Number of Tools : 8
CNC control
Controller (Servo Motor) : Siemens 802C (DEFAULT); Fanuc
upon request
Interface : RS 232
No. of controlled axis : 3
Screen : Monochrome
I/O Module : 48/16 DI/O
Safety devices
Enclosed working area : Yes
Door limit switch : Yes
General Specs
Floor space L x W x H : Approx 1650 x 1200 x 1900 mm
Weight : 1100kg
Power supply : 380V, 3ph, 50Hz
CNC Controller, Siemens 802C
Set-Up : Entering Tools and Tools Offsets, Creating A New
Tools, Tools Compensation Data, Entering Modifying
and Determining Zero Offset and R Parameter.
Manual Operated Mode : Jog Mode, Hand wheel and MDA (Manual Data Input).
Automatic Mode : Selecting/Starting Part program, Block search, Stop /
Abort Part program and Repositioning after interruption.
Part Programming : Enter/Edit New program, Programming Support,
Vertical menu, Cycles, Contour and User Assignable
Soft keys.
Services and Diagnosis : Data Transfer Via V24 Interface, Interface Parameters,
Special Functions, Diagnosis and Start-Up.
Programming : Program Structure, Word structure and Block structure
and Character Set.
Cycles : Refer to Controller Features.
Pocket Calculator : To calculate the required value and can use the four
basic arithmetic operations and functions Sine, Cosine,
Squaring as well as square root function.
Registerable Programs : 100


Off – Line Simulation /Programming system (Optional)
CNC simulation system TopMILL and TopCAM
MDI machine setup
Off line program / cutting verification
Machining quality control system
Machining analysis
3-D simulation
DNC transmission