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Universal Testing Machine WDW - 10 E


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The machine adopt single space door type structure, all tension, compression and bending test are applied at the lower space. The loadframe is consisted of two-column, ballscrew, upper crosshead, middle crosshead and worktable, and the adjustable speed system is installed underside of the worktable. High accuracy, wide range and stable Japan Panasonic AC servo motor drive the ballscrew pair rotating through syn-deceleration system, the ballscrew pair drive middle crosshead, make the tension clamp(compression, bending) move up and down, then realize load and offload to the specimen. This structure has enough stiffness to apply high efficiency and stable moving. Key parts are processed on the processing center to ensure the accuracy of the load frame. Ballscrew is E5 class.



  • Capacity 10kn
  • Accuracy + 0.5%
  • Adjusment cope of stroke speed:
  • 0.005mm/min-500mm/min
  • Adjustment scope of speed
  • Test speed <0.001mm/min,within the the 1.0% of installed value, while test speed ≥0.01mm/min,within the 1% of the installed value
  • Accuracy of the constant load deformation and displacement control: Installed value ≥ 10%FN, within the 0.1% of the installed value;hile installed value <10%FN,within in the 0.2% of the value
  • Length of the test space (mm): 800
  • Width of the test space(mm): 370
  • Dimension (mm): 775*500*1717




  • Loadframe : 1 set
  • Tensile test attachment: 1 pair
  • Clamping Jaws :  each 1 set
  • Compression  test attachment : -1 set
  • Bending test machine : 1 set
  • Tool kit : 1 set
  • Photoelectric encoder : 1 set
  • extensometer: 1 set
  • Transfomer : 1 Pc
  • Data-processing system : TimeWINWDW software-1 set
  • servo speed adjusting system (Panasonic Japan):1 set
  • Servo speed adjusting motor:1 set
  • Industry computer (Lenovo brand):1 set
  • Printer (HP 1468) :1 set
  • Dimensions Load Frame: 2280*950*1052(mm)
  • Dimension control part 1640*904*11008(mm)