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Micro computer controlled torsion testing machine


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Loading mode: use imported AC servo motor and driver; testing of torque and torsion angle: high-precision symmetrical torque transducer for torque testing and highprecision LEC model photoelectric encoder for angle testing; Operation: manual control and computer control; use WINDOWS-based supervision software to calculate mechanical indexes of materials. Auto process test data, dynamically display testing curve, store and print the testing results. Operator can intervene in the analysis process and thus improve the analyzing accuracy.



Max. test torque (N.m) 500/1000/2000Nm
Relative error of torque indications ≤±1% (from 20% of each full range)
Relative repeatability error of torque indications ≤1% (from 20% of each full range)
Loading speed 1°/ min - 360°/min
Max. reading of torsion angle (°) 9999.9
Distance between two clamping heads 0-500mm