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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT500


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Alat uji tak merusak (Non Destructive-NDT) untuk pengujian atau mengukur ketebalan semua bahan material seperti pipa, tank, kaca dan lain-lain dengan menggunakan teknologi ultrasonic.


  • Function of echo-echo measurement is available. It is used for measuring the distance between echo to echo, and thus users will get to know the thickness of steel plate even though it is covered by coating, such as inspection of oil tanks.
  • Min. and Max. mode function is supplied for users to find out the Min. (or Max.) value from a group of measuring results. it is very useful for inspecting the wall thickness of pipes and pressure vessels.
  • Manual gain adjustment / auto gain selectable.
  • Up and low limits alarm is available.
  • D-value mode function. It comprises normal D-value mode and percentage D-values mode. It will enhance operator's working efficiency greatly. Specially, users working with exact and changeless process requirements will benefit from TT500 immensely.
  • Large memory up to 100 A-scan images and 10000 thickness values.


Measuring range 0.75~508.00mm
Sound speed 1000~9999m/s
Scanning mode A scan
Gain range 20~70db step : 1 db
Rectification Positive half wave, negative wave, full wave, and RF
Testing mode Standart mode : testing from primary pulse to the first echo Testing between two echoes
Resolution Standart : 0.01 low : 0.1
Memory 100 A scan graphs and 10000 thickness values in 100 groups
Communication RS232 port to PC or printer
Printer TP UP-NH-S thermal printer
Display error (steel) When resolutions is 0.01mm and thickness H < 10mm, the display error is ± 0.05mm When resolutions is 0.01mm and thickness H ≥ 10mm, the display error is ± (0.5%H 0.01mm) When resolution is 0.1mm, the display error is ± (1%H 0.1mm)
Low limits for steel pipes

Φ20mm x 3.0mm display error is less than ± 0.1mm

(resolution = 0.01mm, 5Mhz tranducer)

Φ20mm x 3.0mm display error is less than ± 0.2mm

(resolution = 0.01mm, 5Mhz tranducer)

Pulse frequency 1 kHz
Working temperature 0˚C - 40˚C
Dimensions 234x127x38mm
Weight < 1 Kg