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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TT900


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Alat uji tak merusak (Non Destructive-NDT) untuk pengujian atau mengukur ketebalan semua bahan material seperti pipa, tank, kaca dan lain-lain dengan menggunakan teknologi ultrasonic.



  • Two standard probes delivery: both echo-echo transducer and straight transducer
  • With function of echo-echo (E-E) measurement and auto gain control (AGC), users will get to know the thickness of substrate , even though it is covered by coating
  • Difference mode and velocities setting
  • Vibration alarm and sound & light alarm settings
  • Velocities calibration and zero calibration
  • Measurement units inch, mm and microsecond
  • Measurement results holding
  • Easy operating keypad by left/right switch
  • High frequency scanning technique available
  • Superior waterproof and dustproof plastic shell



Measurement range 0.75~508mm
velocity range 508~18699m/s
measurement rate 4/s and 20/s in fast mode
bandwith 0.5MHz~20MHz (-3dB)
resolution 0.01mm (0.001"),0.1mm(0.01")
velocity calibration range 0.508mm/µS ~ 18.699 mm/µS (0.0200mm/µS~0.7362mm/µS)
display 128x64 Graphics LCD monochrome
Battery life Up to 200 Hours (40 hours with backlight on)
Operating temperature -200 C ~ + 500C
Measuring temperature -200 C ~ + 5000C (according to the probes)
Dimensions(mm) 127x76x32
Weight(g) 0.23