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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector - TUD310


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Alat NDT/ alat uji tanpa merusak menggunakan teknologi ultrasonik untuk menguji dan mengukur keretakan pada besi maupun hasil sambungan (cacat) pada sebuah pengelasan crack, porosity, dan laminasi memanfaatkan metode echo to echo


  • Four Rectify Ways: positive half-wave, negative half-wave, full wave and radio frequency.
  • Two scanning mode: A and B;
  • Gate alarming function.
  • 32 detecting channels are available with a separate detecting parameter and DAC curve in every channel.
  • Automatic generation of DAC curve, and 30 points can be recorded at most, adjustable offset curves and gain correction functions are available.
  • Three detecting modes: single-probe , dual-probe and transmission;
  • Equipped with high-speed USB port and flash memory device can be used directly on the instrument
  • Data and documents are managed under FAT file system, making the management of inspection data more convenient, faster and more reliant
  • Super large memory up to 32M, 1000 echo data can be stored in 32 detecting channels.
  • Brand new digital signal circuit is designed for TUD310, Digital signal processor (DSP) is used for signals analyzing, making circuit noise reduced properly and waveform more stable.
  • EPSON ink-jet printers can be connected with TUD310 by USB cable
  • Real-time waveform display and review




  • Scanning rrange :2.5 mm ~9999 mm
  • Scanning resolution :0.1mm (2.5mm~100mm) 1mm (100 mm~5000mm)
  • Gain range :0dB ~110 dB
  • D-Delay :-20 ~+3400
  • P-Delay :0 ~99.99 , resolution 0.01
  • Sound speed :1000 m/s~9999m/s
  • Bandwidth :0.2MHz~15MHz (Low0.2~1 Mid.0.5~4 High 3~15)
  • Vertical linearity error :≤3%
  • Horizontal linearity error :≤0.2%
  • Dynamic range :≥32dB
  • Rectification :Positive half wave, negative wave, full wave, and RF
  • Sensitivity leavings :≥60dB
  • Test :mode Pulse-echo, dual and through transmission
  • Pulser :Spike excitation pulser
  • Damping :50ohms, 150ohms and 400ohms