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Flow Channels (section: 80 x 300 mm)


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Channel of rectangular section with transparent walls through which water flows. Water is taken from the storage tank by means of a hydraulic pump and, by the pipe, it is driven to the inlet tank, where there is a soothing of flow. After that, the water flows through the channel that discharges in the reception tank. Finally it comes back to the storage tank, completing the closed circuit.
To regulate the flow through the channel, there is a valve at the output of the pump.
To measure the flow there is an diaphragm flowmeter. The flow also can be measured with the flowmeter of the Basic Hydraulic Feed System (FME00/B).
The channel is assembled on two supports, with a system to control the inclination of the channel.
There is a wide range of available accessories.




Anodized aluminium structure and supports in painted steel.
Main metallic elements in stainless steel.
Channel of rectangular section with transparent walls, formed by methacrylate transparent sections.
There are several channel versions to chose:

  • CF80/2. Flow channel (section: 80 x 300 mm), length: 2.5 m.
  • CF80/5. Flow channel (section: 80 x 300 mm), length: 5 m.

The channel is assembled on supports, with a system to control the inclination of the channel. Channel slope: adjustable.
Inlet tank (capacity: 38 litres), with stilling of flow and with drain valve.
Reception tank (capacity: 38 litres), with drain valve.
Flow control valve.
Diaphragm flowmeter.
Manometric tubes panel. It is formed by two methacrylate tubes of 500 mm. of length, with a graduated panel and a hand pump.
FME00/B. Basic Hydraulic Feed System:
Storage tank (capacity: 140 litres approx).
Impulsion pump:
Single-phase, 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz.
0.37 KW.
2800 r.p.m.
30-80 l./min. at 20.1-12.8m.
Safety switch ON/OFF.
Flow control valve.
Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.


This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance & Practices Manuals.