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Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel


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The EDIBON Sediment Transport Demonstration Channel “CAS” allows demonstration of the full range of bedforms that arise in a mobile bed as the slope and / or flow are increased.
This unit can play a useful role in any course concerting the mechanics of open channel flow and sediment transport.
The unit consist of an inclinable channel mounted on a base plate, supported by two supports, with a discharge tank and recirculating pump. This tank is in the hydraulic feed system (FME00/B) that contains a recirculating pump.
The channel sides are transparent allowing the observation of bed profile changes, and a section of one side is provided with graphical grid markings to permit quantitative assessments to be made of bedform dynamics.
A water level gauge is included to measure the head over the channel discharge weir and therefore to deduce flow rates from a calibration chart.
For demonstrating scour effects of structures on rivers beds, solids models, as an adjustable undershot weir and bridge pier are supplied.
To start a demonstration, sand is placed along the channel bed, between the inlet tank and the overfall discharge weir. Water is circulated around the system at one of the flow rates. The slope of the channel is adjustable.



Transparent, inclinable flow channel through which water can be recirculated by a pump over a mobile bed to demonstrate the whole range of bed forms from incipient particle movement to bed wash-out. Anodized aluminium structure and supports in painted steel. Main metallic elements in stainless steel. Channel of rectangular section with transparent walls, formed by folded methacrylate transparent pieces. The channel is assembled on two supports with a system to control the inclination of the channel. Channel slope: adjustable between 0% and +10%

Channel section: 80mm, lenght: 2.5 m.
The unit is self-contained and it can be installed with easiness, and it has a complete range of profiles.
Inlet tank (capacity: 38 litres), with stilling of flow and with drain valve.
Pipes. Diaphragm flow meter.
Sediment filter in tank and inlet section.
Manometric tubes panel. It is formed by two methacrylate tubes of 500 mm. of length, with a graduated panel. Hand pump.
The grain diameter of the sediment oscillates among 0.1 to 0.3 mm.

Accessories included:
to calibrate the overshot weir.
CFDA. Sand distributor.
CFPS Single bridge pier.
The speed of discharge can be selected by means of the valve that is placed in the Basic Hydraulic Feed System (FME00/B).
This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety,
Maintenance & Practices Manuals.


Optional accessories:

  • with a system to control the inclination of the channel. Channel slope: adjustable between
  • 0% and +10%.
  • CFRM. Level gauge for measurement of the water height (hook and point gauges),
  • CFPR. Adjustable undershot weir.
  • CFCV. Vertical flat weir.
  • Basic Hydraulic Feed System (FME00/B):
  • Centrifugal pump: 0.37 KW, 30 - 80 l/min at 20.1-12.8m., single-phase 220V. / 50Hz. or 110V. / 60Hz.
  • Stainless steel impeller.
  • Tank capacity:140 litres approx.
  • Flowmeter.
  • Membrane type flow adjusting valve.
  • Pump breaker starting.
  • Safety differential switch.
  • Cables and accessories, for normal operation.
  • Manuals:
  • CFTP. Pitot tube and manometer board.
  • CFVDG. Broad and thin crested weirs. (One broad weir and 2 thin weirs)
  • CFCVR. Vertical flat gate and radial gate.
  • CFSDL. Syphon spillway.
  • CFPVP. Dams spillway (3 different models) and flow splitters.
  • CFCA. Culvert fitting.
  • CFVC. Crump weir.
  • CFVEN. Venturi flume.
  • CFSDS. Air regulated syphon.
  • CFFS. False floor sections.
  • CFPLR. Artificial roughened bed (3 different models).