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Regulation and Control Simulation Software


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The operating system for the software isWindows. This simulator permits the easy entering of the system to be studied and the subsequent excitation of the input signal (with a wide range of possibilities), displaying in a window the transient response of the output and the different intermediate signals, as well as Bode diagrams for the system; permitting an in-depth analysis of the simulated system. The fast entering of the plant to be simulated allows the simple modification of its parameters.


  • The "RYC/SOF" Regulation and Control Simulation Software is supplied in English language
  • Ready for installation by means of floppy disk in computer (PC) 486 or higher,and immediate operation
  • Operating system Windows
  • Easy data introduction
  • Works with individual transfer functions of order three and with the possibility of obtaining a superior order by
    chaining several transfer functions together in cascade.
  • Possibilty of introduction of non-linear elements. This gives to the simulation more realism, since in practice,
    most loads have some alinear characteristc such as salurations, hysteresis, etc.
  • Includes the regulation theory in Sliding mode.
  • Use of identification tool to recognize loads.
  • Visualization of the temporary answers of any of the block diagrams and some block associations.
  • Visualization of Bode diagrams of Gotg linear and alinear blocks.