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Power Electronics Computer Aided Design and Simulation Software


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  • AC/DC Alternating Current/Direct Current.
  • DC/AC Direct Current/Alternating Current.
  • AC/AC Alternating Current/Alternating Current.
  • DC/DC Direct Current/Direct Current.


  • Specific Software packages for any type of converters
  • Basic Version: Open loop practical tutorial
  • Advanced Version: Close loop practical tutorials, including industrial applications. Adjustables control loops.
  • Operates on any PC type and any graphic card.
  • Real structure simulation. Simulated PC signals and scope real signals without appreciable differences
  • Dynamic Simulation with succesive cycles without limit of time.
  • Graphic visualization with auto-scaling of magnitudes: voltages, currents, control, signals, etc.
  • FFT Armonic analysis, maximal, average and RMS values for every signal in each simulation cycle
  • Didactic Hardware equipment, TECNEL, as a complement
  • Includes industrial applications simulation, in open and close loop.
  • AC/DC Battery Charger, DC Motors Control, Passive Loads, etc.
  • DC/AC UPS, Field Oriented Control of AC Motors, Passive Loads, etc.
  • DC/DC Chopper, Booster, Buck-Booster, Cuk, DC Motors Control, etc.
  • AC/AC Cycloconverters: UFC, SSFC, Triangular Modulation including CAM control, UPS, Field Oriented Control of AC Motors Pasive Loads, etc.
  • Future expansions:

         Using the professional package, you can design the regulation loops and the power semiconductors sizing:

  • System transfer function determined by identification.
  • Digital regulators, microprocessor based.
  • Dynamic and steady state semiconductor sizing.
  • Close loop simulation for the total system.