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Electrical Installations Assembly Kits


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Anda juga bisa memesan via telephone, silakan hubungi sales consultant. Hotline kami di (021) 8690 6777 sales Consultant kami akan menjelaskan detail produk dan harga terbaru. atau email ke alamat sales@alatperaga.com


Installation Cubicle (BAS-K):
All sides panel with rear and side walls and roof.
Standard dimensions: 1200 x 1000 x 2000 mm. Other dimensions available on request.


Domestic Electrical Installations:
KD1A. Robbery alarm station kit.
KD3A. Fire alarm station kit.
KD5. Temporization of stairs kit.
KD6A. Luminosity control station kit.
KD8. Blinds activator kit.
KD9A. Heating control station kit.
KD11A. Network analyzer kit.
KD13. Audio door entry system kit.
KD14. Audio and video door entry system kit.
KD15A. Position control station kit.
KD17A. Photoelectric control position station kit.
KD24. Position Switch kit.
KD19A. Sound station kit.
KD22. Flooding control station kit.
KD23. Wireless basic control station (RF) kit.
KD25A. Kit of control station for domestic electric servicesthrough the telephone.
KD28A. Kit of integral control station of domestic electricsystems.
KD30. Gas control station kit.
KD31. Movement and sound detection and control kit.
KD32. 24 Vac / 12 Vdc circuits analyzer kit.
KD33. Installations faults simulator kit.

Industrial Electrical Installations:

KI1. Star-delta starter kit.
KI2. Starter through auto-transformer kit.
KI3. Speed commutator for Dahlander motor kit.
KI4. Starter-inverter kit.
KI5. AC wound rotor motor starter kit.
KI6. DC motor starter.
KI7. Kit of automatic change of speed of a Dahlander motorwith change of direction.

KI8. Kit of reactive power compensation (Power factor correction).

KI8. Kit of reactive power compensation (Power factor correction).

Energy Installations:

KE1. Aerial line model kit.
KE2. Kit of reactive energy control and compensation.
KE3. Kit of test unit for magneto-thermal automatic switches.
KE4. Kit of test unit for differential automatic switches.
KE5. Relay control station kit.
KE6. Energy counters control station kit.
KE7. Multi-functional electrical protection station kit.
KE8. Kit of power & torque measurements of electrical motors.
KE9. Kit of directional Relay: Earth fault detection. Directional power flow detection. Reactive power flow detection.

CAI. Computer Aided Instruction Software System:

The best help in classroom for both teacher and students.

  • INSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE. INS/SOF. Classroom Management Software Package (Teacher software). Only one package is needed per classroom. Helps creating databases, reports and statistical comparisons among many more features.
  • STUDENT SOFTWARE . K.../SOF. Computer Aided Instruction Software Packages. Each Kit has its own package. Gives the students the proper assistance on theoretical knowledge as well as in practice, presenting exercises and questions.

MUAD. Electric Power Data Acquisition System:


  • Hardware: EPIB. Electric power interface box + DAB Data acquisition board.
  • Software: MUAD/SOF. Data acquisition software.

Manuals and Accessories:

  • There is a manual for each kit. (8 manuals normally supplied).
  • With the kit will be wires kit for doing all the practices the necessary accessories for normal operation.