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Basic Electronics and Electricity Integrated Laboratory


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We present a flexible and modular-based system for learning basic electronics and circuit theory. The advantage given by this learning and teaching system is that the student establishes his own rhythm, thus rendering unnecessary to keep pace with the rest of the class. Any desired configuration can be chosen(see next page), according to working mode, areas of study and number of working posts. Being a modular and open system, it is very economical and may be enlarged depending on required needs; all previously acquired systems are fully compatible and valid.
What are the parts included in the laboratory?:

  • Power supply: There are two choices for supplying the modules: FA-CO. Power Supply: Using this system training and practices can be done conventionally. This is the most common power supply used. EBC-100. Base Unit :This unit is self-complete, it includes hardware, power supply and the necessary connections for supplying power and allocating the available modules.
  • Modules: They consist on electronic boards which permit the student to do the exercises/practices corresponding to the target subject. On these modules the circuits to be designed are serigraphed. Real components are displayed to familiarize the student with them. There are many points where measures can be taken (voltage, current intensity, resistance, etc.). Moreover, circuit and electronic component faults can be simulated too. Every Module has its own manuals, that gives the theoretical knowledge and explains everything the student needs to carry out the exercise/practice. We provide eight manuals per module. Connectors and cables for completing the exercises and practices are included. 
  • CAI. Computer Aided Instruction Software System: The best help in classroom for both teacher and students. Includes: 3.1) INSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE: INS/SOF. Classroom Management Software Package (Instructor Software). Only one package is needed per classroom.Helps creating databases, reports and statistical comparisons among many more features. 3.2) STUDENT SOFTWARE: M../SOF. Computer Aided Instruction Software Packages (Student/Module Software). Each module has its own package. Gives the students the proper assistance on theoretical knowledge as well as in practice, presenting exercises and questions. 
  • LIEBA/CAL. Windows based software, simple and easy to use, specifically developed to use with M1 to M18 modules. Thought for Results Calculation and Analysis, this software computes and plots obtained data.
  • EDAS/VIS. EDIBON Data Acquisition System/Virtual Instrumentation System: EDIBON has developed this unique data acquisition interface, link between modules and PC, for an adequate visualization of the results yielded by the modules. The components together (hardware + software) makes the computer work as virtual instruments: Oscilloscope, Functions Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Transient Analyzer, Multimeter, Logic Analyzer and Logic Generator, with all their features and applications. Includes: 5.1) Hardware: DAIB. Data Acquisition Interface Box + DAB. Data Acquisition Board. 5.2) Software: EDAS/VIS-SOF. Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation Software.