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PLC Trainer


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The PLCE is a PLC trainer designed by EDIBON. It allows the user to learn about logic programming without any background knowledge or experience. The PLCE includes digital and analog inputs and outputs, switches, push buttons, potentiometers, etc., allocated in the front panel of the box. This trainer is provided with a set of practices, through which the user will understand how a PLC works and how to program a PLC application to obtain a required functionality. The PLCE can also be used to work with some applications together. These applications can be :

  • PLC Simulation Applications. These are simulated models of real applications that can be controlled by PLCE, such as elevator system, traffic light system, washing machine, etc. (See page 7 and next)
  • PLC Industrial Models Applications. These are real applications of industrial processes that can be controlled by PLCE, such as ovens, flow control, etc. (See page 23 and next)




  • PLCE. Unit:

Steel box.
Power supply 110-240Vac.
ON/OFF power switch.
Power supply connector.
5A Fuse for protection.
RS232 cable to communicate with PC.
SUB-D connector to communicate with the PLCE applications.
FP-X C30R Panasonic PLC unit. The key features are:
Ultra-high processing speed of 0.32 s per instruction.
Large Program Capacity of 16 Kstep.
Independent Comment Memory.
Maximum number of I/O points is 300.
3 different I/O modules:
1) Digital I/O module:
Inputs: Number of inputs: 16. Voltage: 24Vdc.
Outputs: Number of outputs: 14. Output type: relay. Output capacity:2A.
8 On/off switches.
8 Push-buttons.
2) Analog I/O module:
Inputs: Number: 8. Input Range: 0 to +10V.
Outputs: Number: 4. Output Range: -10V to +10V. Resolution: 12bits.
6 Adjustable analog signals: Range: 0 to +10V.
3) Touch screen :
Display: STN monochrome LCD Display. Resolution: 128 (W) x 64 (H) dots. Display color: 2. LCD life: Average 50.000 hours.
Backlight: 3-color LED backlight (green, red, orange). Different Displayable fonts. Character types: Alphanumeric characters.
Graphics: Straight lines, continuous straight lines, squares, circles, ovals, arcs, elliptic arcs, fan shapes, elliptic fan shapes,
beveled squares, bitmaps.
Number of screens: approx. 160 screens. Part functions: messages, lamps, switches, data, bar graphs, keyboard.
Contrast adjustment.

  • PLC Programming Software:

Programming software developed according to the standard IEC 61131-3.
Compatible with Windows operating systems.
Five programming languages:
Ladder Diagram (LD). Structured Text (ST). Instructions List (IL). Sequential Function Chart (SFC). Function Block Diagram (FBD).
Remote programming, service, and diagnostics.
Minimum program size.
Powerful debugging and monitoring tools.
Supports user created functions and function blocks.
Saves project files inside the PLC.
Examples and Quick Start Tutorial included.

  • PLCE Touch Screen Programming Software:

Tools for Screen Creation:
This Software is a tool designed for programming touch type screens. Thanks to this tool, suitable screens and images can be created and
designed. It allows to transfer the program to the screen, load projects done from the terminal and print screens created.
Plenty of functions. Screens Creation:
This Software has plenty of programming tools. Devices for visualizing texts, diagrams or data; drawing a button, graph, pilots. This Software
allows to create functional screens adaptable to each application.
Drawing Functions: It can be done different programming elements through suitable icons and bitmaps.
Easy Operativity (Click and slip):
A library of elements allows to program through the mouse, simply slipping an element and locating it in its place. (Click and Slip).
Easy creation of user libraries:
User libraries can be registered and storaged with suitable elements to be used in next projects.
Printing. The different screens of the project can be printed:
It is possible to visualize a preliminary view. It is also possible to select the screens or configurations to be printed.
Easy use. Bitmaps Editor:
There is a tool that allows to create, read and modify bitmaps in order to use them as screen programming elements. Suitable buttons created
from images can be easily made.


  • Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.
  • Manuals: This unit is supplied with several manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Interface and Control Software, Startingup, Safety, Maintenance, Calibration, Practices Manuals, PLC Programming Software & PLC Touch Screen Programming Software Manuals.




  • Electrical supply: single-phase, 220V. 50Hz or 110V. 60Hz.
  • Computer (PC), with a serial port free.




PLCE Unit:

  • Dimensions: 490 x 330 x 310 mm. approx.
  • Weight: 20 Kg. approx.