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Basic Electronics and Electricity Assembly Kits


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The purpose of Electronics and Electricity Assembly Kits (M-KITS) is to provide the students with the necessary elements for creating their own circuits.

  • Common Elements for all Kits: FA-CO. Power Supply. M-15. Components mounting base plate “M15. Development Module”.
  • Kits, containing each one: Assembly and practice manuals (8 manuals supplied). Set of components and wires necessary for mounting the corresponding practice. After the first assembly, all the elements are recoverable.
  • CAI. Computer Aided Instruction Software System: The best help in classroom for both teacher and students. Includes: 3.1) INSTRUCTOR SOFTWARE: INS/SOF. Classroom Management Software Package (Instructor Software). Only one package is needed per classroom. Helps creating databases, reports and statistical comparisons among many more features. 3.2) STUDENT SOFTWARE: M../SOF. Computer Aided Instruction Software Packages (Student Software). There is a software for each kit.Gives the students the proper assistance on theoretical knowledge as well as in practice, presenting exercises and questions.
  • CAL.Computer Aided Learning Software (Results Calculation and Analysis): Windows based software, simple and easy to use.Thought for Results Calculation and Analysis, this software computes and plots obtained data.
  • EDAS/VIS. EDIBON Data Acquisition System/Virtual Instrumentation System: Includes: 5.1) Hardware: DAIB. Data Acquisition Interface Box + DAB. Data Acquisition Board. 5.2) Software: EDAS/VIS-SOF. Data Acquisition and Virtual Instrumentation Software.


Required elements by any Kit:


basic electronic     basic electronic
FACO Power Supply   M15 Development Module


Assembly Kits:

Basic Electronics concepts Digital Electronics Basic Electricity concepts Picture
  1. M3/KIT Semiconductors I
  2. M4/KIT Semiconductors II
  3. M6/KIT Oscillators
  4. M7/KIT Operational Amplifiers
  5. M8/KIT Filters
  6. M9/KIT Power Electronics

  1. M10/KIT Digital Systems and Converters
  2. M11/KIT Digital Electronics Fundamentals
  3. M12/KIT Basic Combinational Circuits
  4. M13/KIT Basic Sequential Circuits
  5. M14/KIT Optoelectronics

  1. M5/KIT Power Supplies
  2. M1/KIT Direct Current (D.C.) Circuits
  3. M2/KIT Alternating Current (A.C.) Circuits
  4. M16/KIT Electric Networks

basic electronic