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APPT93131 Digital Trainer


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The digital trainer is designed to provide training on digital technology with easy learning, step by step, brief explanation and systematic. The trainer are consists of several functional modules, which each module has standard IEEE logic diagram printed on the front panel. Also the input and output are indicated in different color LEDs in each diagram.

The trainer suitable used in vocational secondary school to university. The system supplied with complete standard accessories and operation manual in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Experiment Topics

  • Basic logic operation
  • Operations with two variables
  • Operations with three variables
  • Multi vibrator and flip-flops
  • Counters and registers
  • Adder and arithmetic
  • Decoder and encoder
  • Analog to digital converter and digital to analog converter
  • Multiplexer and demultiplexer


  • And gates
  • Full adder
  • Nand gates
  • Comparator
  • Or gates
  • ALU
  • Nor gates
  • Analog to digital converter
  • Xor gates
  • Digital to analog converter
  • Xnor gates
  • IC socket
  • Not gates
  • Switch
  • Flip-flops
  • Power supply
  • Multiplexer, demultiplexer
  • BCD to seven segment
  • Registers
  • Counters