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APPT94227 Antenna System Demonstrator


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Antenna System Demonstrator is designed as a teaching aid in studying electronic communication, especially in Antenna Technology. The trainer can be used in teaching fundamental, concepts theory, construction and demonstration of many types of operating antennas

Suitable used both in vocational schools and high schools or technician and hobby electronic courses. Distributed with experiment manual in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Experiment Topics

  • Transmitter and Matcher operating
  • Basic theory of radiation, radiating and non-radiating system
  • Transmission Lines and Feeders
  • Antenna Impedances and Lengths
  • Physical length and electrical characteristics
  • V and I distribution graphics
  • Impedance matching of antennas
  • Directional antennas and radiation patterns
  • Parasitic arrays and antenna gain


  • Transmitter Unit
    - Frequency: Fixed 167.2 MHz
    - RF Power output: Variable 0,5-5 watts
    - Output impedance: 50 ohms
    - Power input requirements: AC 220V/50Hz
  • Antenna construction
    - Nickel-plated brass rods in various shaped to build several type of antenna
    - Slotted Antenna
    - Quad Loop Antenna
  • Universal Matcher: 50 Ohms for balanced and unbalance
  • Voltage and current detector: Bar LED display
  • Radiation detector: Dipole with amplifier