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APPT94123 Circuit Application Trainer


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Circuit Application Trainer is designed as teaching aid in studying electronic, especially in basic practical electronics works. The trainer can be used in teaching fundamental, concepts theory and practicing in electronic application circuit.

Suitable used both in vocational secondary schools and high schools or technician and hobby electronic courses. Distributed with experiment manual in English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Experiment Topics

  • Transistor amplifier
    - Common emitter amplifier
    - Common collector amplifier
    - Common base amplifier
  • Complementary Push Pull Amplifier
  • Transistor Differential amplifier
  • Transistor as a Switch
  • As table Multi vibrator
  • Bitable Multi vibrator
  • Operational amplifier
    - Voltage follower
    - Comparator
    - Integrator
  • Phase shift oscillator
  • Triangle wave generator
  • UJT pulse generator
  • Staircase generator
  • Light operated flasher
  • Temperature operated switch
  • Schmitt trigger
  • Voltage Regulator


  • Power Supply Output: 15V/2A
  • Variable Power Supply, output: -15V/1A; 5V/1A; 15V/1A
  • Variable Power Supply, output: 0 - 12V/250 mA
  • Staircase Generator:
    - Output Source: Vp = 5V
    - Frequency 1,8 - 18 kHz
    - Duty Cycles 25 - 35 %
    - Input Voltage: 5V
  • Passive Component: Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Potentiometer, Switches, LEDS, Lamps, Relay and Buzzer.
  • Sensors Component: NTC, LDR
  • Active Component: Transistors, UJT, SCR and ICs.
  • Plug in board with standard 4mm plug
  • Basic Meter