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Robbery Alarm Station


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With no physical connection between applicacion/module and computer, this complete package consists on an Instructor Software (INS/SOF) totally integrated with the Student/Application Software. Both are interconnected so that the teacher knows at any moment what is the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students. These, on the other hand, get a virtual instructor who helps them to deal with all the information on the subject of study.

With the INS/SOF. Classroom Management Software Package (Instructor Software), the Teacher has a whole range of options, among them:

  • Organize Students by Classes and Groups.
  • Create easily new entries or delete them.
  • Create data bases with student information.
  • Analyze results and make statistical comparisons.
  • Print reports.
  • Develop own examinations.
  • Detect student’s progress and difficulties.

...and many other facilities. The Instructor Software is the same for all the applications, and working in network configuration, allows controlling all the students in the classroom.



ALI02.Domestic Main Power Supply

  • Magneto-thermal protection.
  • Differential protection.
  • Single -phase plug and terminals.
  • 2 lamps.
  • 5 terminals.
  • Mushroom security button.
  • Removable key.

ALI03. AC Auxiliary Power Supply (24Vac)

  • 230 / 24 Vac transformer.
  • 4 terminals.

DET27. Glass Break Detector

  • 12 Vdc, 21mA.
  • ASIC technology.
  • Adjustable sensitivity.
  • It can protect more than 1 window.
  • 10m diameter of the window maximum.

INT32. Intrusion Switch/Detector with Relay 1000W. (2 units)

  • Incandescent and halogen loads.
  • Adjustable disconnection 4 seconds - 10min.
  • 40 to 300 W.
  • Relay switch.

SEL03. 3 Pilot-Lights

  • 3 pilot lamps.
  • Green, red and yellow colours.
  • 10 W lamps.

SEL21. Indoor Siren

  • Indoor siren.
  • 3 Volume levels.
  • 87-112 dB.
  • 12-30mA
  • 3 selectable tones.
  • 4 zones.
  • Telephone lines.
  • PC and radio communication.
  • Portable Eprom.
  • Battery + Passive infrared detector.