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Motor-Generator Group, three-phase 24Vac, no excitation required (permanent magnets)


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Motor-Generator Group mounted in a painted steel structure.
Three phase generator of 24 Vac and 11A currents.
This Motor-Generator Group allows the study of the three phase alternator in both no-load and load regime.


Base structure (painted steel).
EMT6/E. Permanent magnets synchronous three-phase generator (24 Vac):
Power: 450 W. Speed: 750 r.p.m. Frequency: 50 Hz. V. armature.: 3 x 24 Vac. I. Armature.: 11 A.
EMT7/E. Asynchronous three-phase motor of squirrel cage:
Power: 50 W. Speed: 750 r.p.m. Connections:Triangle/Star. Frequency: 50-60 Hz. V. Armature: 3 x 230/400 V. I. Armature
nominal:3,6-2 A.
Protections cover.

Cables and accessories, for normal operation.

Manuals: This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance & Practices Manuals.


  1. Measurements of voltage with no load, measurement of the frequency and measurement of no load losses.
  2. Connection to a load. Measurement of the voltage drop with load. Measurement of the power supplied.
  3. Behaviour of the alternator with different cos loads.