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PLC Module for the Control of Industrial Processes (for working with EDIBON Computerized Teaching Units)


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This PLC-PI unit contains a metallic box, with a front panel in order to manipulate the unit in a simple and easy way, the power supply and all necessary connectors and cabling and, additionally, the PLC itself with its own touch screen. We have design and supply the proper software for any particular application (for each particular EDIBON Computerized Teaching Unit).



  • PLC-PI. Unit:

Metallicl box.
Circuit diagram in the front panel.
Front panel:
Digital inputs(X) and Digital outputs (Y) block:
16 Digital inputs, activated by switches and 16 LEDs for confirmation (red).
14 Digital outputs (through SCSI connector) with 14 LEDs for message (green).
Analog inputs block:
16 Analog inputs (-10V. to + 10V.) ( through SCSI connector).
Analog outputs block:
4 Analog outputs (-10V. to + 10V) (through SCSI connector).
Touch screen:

Dimensions approx. : 110 mm x 72 mm. High visibility and multiple functions. Display of a highly visible status. Recipe
function. Bar graph function. Flow display function. Alarm list. Multi language function. True type fonts.
Back panel:
Power supply connector. Fuse 2A.
RS-232 connector to PC.
Power supply outputs: 24 Vdc, 12 Vdc, -12 Vdc, 12 Vdc variable.
Panasonic PLC:
High-speed scan of 0.32 sec. for a basic instruction.
Program capacity of 32 Ksteps, with a sufficient comment area.
Free input AC voltage (100 to 240 V AC).
DC input: 16 (24 V DC).
Relay output: 14 (250 V A AC/2 A).
Program capacity: 32 ksteps.
Equipped with a USB communication port.
High-speed counter.
Multi-point PID control.
Digital inputs/outputs and analog inputs/outputs Panasonic modules.
Communication RS232 wire, to computer (PC).

  • PLC-SOF. PLC Control Software:

For each particular EDIBON Computerized Teaching Unit.

  • Cables and Accessories, for normal operation.
  • Manuals:

This unit is supplied with 8 manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Software, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance, Calibration &
Practices Manuals.


  • Electrical supply: single-phase, 220V. 50Hz or 110V. 60Hz.
  • Computer (PC).


PLC-PI Unit:

  • Dimensions: 490 x 330 x 310 mm. approx.
  • Weight: 30 Kg. approx.